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Zuma Unblocked

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zumaWelcome to the website which is fully dedicated to the popular game – Zuma. The game was developed long time ago for PC and I can hardly find a single person who haven’t played it before. Not only kids love to play Zuma but also grown ups at work or at office. Now you can enjoy the game online – there is no need to install the game on your computer – everything will be loaded in your browser. The primary mission of the player in this game is to unlock the zuma secrets of the lost civilizations. Throw the colored balls and try to match 2 or more similar color balls to get bonus. As soon as all balls are cleared, you move to the next level. The game is addictive and you play it on and on until you realize that’s its time to go to sleep. At our website, you can play the Zuma Unblocked – this means that our game is unblocked at school and at work and nothing can stop you from playing it.

There are a lot of different versions of Zuma, including Zuma Deluxe and others. We work hard to provide you the best editions of this game for free. Your gaming progress is saved at our website, so don’t forget to bookmark ZumaUnblocked.com to play it later too. Enjoy the ancient world of Zuma for free with us.